1. Our kitchen
This is a council approved, registered commercial kitchen.

2. How are delivery fees calculated?

Please contact us to discuss.

3. What is the delivery time?

Breakfast and Morning Tea: Between 0630 to 0900

Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Supper and Dinner: Between 1030 to 1300

4. Do you deliver every day?

We do not deliver on Chinese New Year Eve, first day of Chinese New Year, 27th September, 8th November and all Victorian Public Holidays except Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Meals will be replaced.
5. Do you have vegetarian package?

Unfortunately, we do not have vegetarian option at the moment.

6. I am allergic to nuts, can I take your confinement food?

Sorry, our confinement food does not suit you if you are allergic to nuts.

7. Do you offer meal packages for miscarriages?

Yes we do, same package and menu

8. How do I reserve and pay for meal packages?

We require a 20% non-refundable deposit plus $50 insulated bag deposit to secure your spot. Full payment is to be made by 3rd day of meal delivery. We only accept cash, direct deposit or bank transfer for payment.

9. How do I activate my plan?

Please notify us one day in advance, latest by 12pm to allow us to plan and arrange your delivery.

10. Can I pause/postpone a meal?

15 days packages are allowed to pause meal for 5 days, 30 days packages for 10 days and 42 days packages for 15 days. Please notify us one day in advance, latest by 12pm. Meal will be replaced. Do note that last minute cancellations will have no meal replacements or refunds.

11. Cancellations and Refunds

Strictly no refunds once full payment is done. 

Melbourne Confinement Catering Containers

Every step is strictly monitored. Baby’s breath pays attention to details to ensure product safety and quality as well as customer satisfaction.